Tech Rider

HAFEN 2 technical rider

Your band will play in Hafen 2 soon? Here you find some informations about the equipment.

Attention, apart from a guitar amp we do not have any backline.

- please note that for „small“ concerts (small number of guests or free admission, calm and intimate shows) we might use a small stage and PA (the same PA as for open air concerts): 4x18“ Audio Zenit Sub, 2x Tops, Amping, Allen&Heath QU 24 mixing console, 4x Dynacord AM12 monitoring -




Size: 4m x 6m x 0,8m
Clearance height:  4,5m
Four risers 2m x 1m x 0,4m
Black backdrop
Pipe for band’s own backdrop



8x Turbosound TMS3
12x Limmer Sub Bass B215

1x Allen & Heath I Live t112 + IDR 48
1x Allen & Heath QU 24
1x Multicore 32/4 + 2 (spare if you have your own analog desk)

8x Martin LE700 2-way stage monitor 15“/1,4“
1x Drumfill 2 x 15", 1 x 2"

Separate monitor mix on stage
This is only possible if the additional costs are agreed in advance.

1x Shure Beta 52a
5x Shure Sm 57
1x Shure Beta 57a
3x Shure Beta 58a
3x Shure Sm 58
1x Sennheiser MD 421
2x Audio Technica  Condenser AT 8533X
3x Audio Technica  Pro Condenser 37R

8x Palmer PAN01





MA Lightcommander 48/6 (for stage lights)
MA Scancommander
MA Lightcommander 12/2 (for the audience)

140x PAR 56 NSP
2x PAR 64 VNSP
8x Profiler Strand Leko 30° (back)
1x Profiler ETC Source Four 5° (back)
8x Profiler ETC Source Four 19° (front)
3x Arri True Blue Fresnel 1KW
2x ADB ACP flood 1KW

2x Moving Heads ignition led spot cs-150
2x Blinder
1x Martin Atomic Strobe
1x Stardrape DMX backdrop w/ white LEDs
2x Look Unique hazer

Do you bring along your own light designer? We can send you a patch list.

Spare power for band’s own lights:
1x 32A distributed to 1x16A + 3xSchuko

state of affairs: 12/2017